Ask anybody, and they’ll tell you that this past year has been rough. Rough for everything. Rough for the health of many, rough for the economy, and rough for the social well being of so many. As humans, we are social creatures. We have evolved to become dependent on each other ever since the first humans worked together to survive the harsh elements of their environment. But what happens when our sense of companionship and attachment are forcefully removed from our lives? Well, back when cavemen still lived, you’d literally die. One person back then could not have possibly survived…

Source: Reuters

The past five years of Canadian politics have ultimately revealed the ineptitude and fatuity of Justin Trudeau, the 23rd Prime Minister of Canada. During his term, Trudeau has accumulated multiple records, including being the first and only Prime Minister to ever be found guilty of federal ethics law, being involved in four separate party and personal scandals, and receiving the lowest percentage of the national party vote of any governing party in Canadian history.

In addition, once an honorable and trustful party, the Liberal Party of Canada has now devolved into a bevy of corrupt and shameless simpletons under the…

Kevin Liu

idk, sometimes I like to write

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